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The Best Meal I Had In England Was In Paris

Quick Note Before Reading: I didn’t really have a plan when I wrote this. I kinda just wrote things down as they popped into my head whether I was sitting in the subway, on a bench [...]

2018 Starts Now

LONG POST INCOMING I tend to ramble when I write. I use more words than necessary to paint a bigger picture, but today I’ll try to be more to the point and hopefully this will open [...]

2017 CrossFit Open Reacts

Photo: Squats and Pixels I hate flying. I really do. So as I sit in my seat destined for Harry Potter World in a plane that, in my mind, will surely crash, I figured what better [...]

My CF Year In Review: Part 3

So where do we go from here? I’ve never been the type to throw in the towel – even when I probably should. It’s simultaneously probably one of my greatest strengths and weaknesses. It’s one of [...]

My CF Year In Review: Part 2

Without being too cliché, I can’t think of a better saying than ‘when it rains, it pours’ to sum up the series of events that took place over the next few weeks.  Just like with any [...]

My CF Year In Review: Part 1

When I was younger, I guess you can say I developed a bit of a weird habit – for me, January 1st never marked the first day of the new year, instead the start of the [...]

How CrossFit Prepared Me For The Bar Exam By Alix Claps

For once, I don’t mean THAT kind of bar exam. No, I mean the three-day multijurisdictional bitchslap that so many law graduates endure at the end of each July. It’s a different kind of beast from [...]

In Defense Of CrossFit Brick

A recent Facebook thread – posted by world renowned CrossFit troll Drywall – has been gaining a ton of attention online, and by attention I mean unbridled shitting on. First and foremost I would just like [...]

The End Of The Open

130424 The CF Open has come and gone and its conclusion is nothing more than a little bittersweet. This is going to be a tough article to write – and I apologize in advance – there [...]

A Look Back: CF Competitor’s Course Day 1

  Day 1     Introduction “The CrossFit Competitor’s Course is designed to help both athletes and coaches improve their own or their team’s athletic performance at any level of CrossFit competition.” In other words, the [...]