Daily WODs — 04 April 2013

WOW. This is a video of Julie Foucher – 2012 CF Games runner-up and 2nd Fittest Woman on Earth – from 2009 when she was just starting out in her CF journey. It really is incredible to see where one of the fittest people on Earth started and the progress she’s made in such a short amount of time. When you see them on TV, on ESPN in front of sold out crowds, they almost take on these super hero personas – but surprisingly, and this video can attest to it, they are human. It gives a glimmer of hope to those of who aspire to one day walk in their footsteps.

HOWEVER, I also think it’s pretty easy to become disillusioned by a video like this. It’s the same way people point to the story of Michael Jordan getting cut from his highschool basketball team only to go on to become the greatest basketball player of all time – as if that was just his natural progression. Wrong! You better believe he worked his ass off day and night to become the greatest. It wasn’t something that just happened by virtue of getting older. Julie Foucher didn’t go from the person you see in the video above to one day standing on the podium in the center of the Home Depot Center without working her ass off. The problem is when people watch a video like that or hear the story about MJ that they think if they continue down the path they’re going down that their time will come. No, it takes an inspired individual, someone who is willing to live outside their comfort zone and push harder than they thought was even possible to change their path. And above all else, it takes someone who believes in themselves.


What better way to end this post than with the legend himself telling it has it is?


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