Daily WODs — 23 March 2013

j lawrence

So I was scrolling through my facebook and I stumbled upon this picture one of my friends posted. Before I even had the chance to see what she looked like or read the ‘you’re perfect just the way you are’ motivational quote that I’m sure was attached to it, the only thing I noticed – like any normal person would – was her unnerving internally rotated shoulder. Jennifer Lawrence you are an Academy Award winning actress. Step your shit up!


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  1. i just died from laughing so much hahahah. the odds are not in her favor.

    • Lol. I remember when you pointed this out in class! Great blog post.

      • you (Lanny)

  2. Lololol!! I had no idea where you were going with that..too is funny! We need to invent that machine to hold our shit back!
    We can test it on me! :)

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