Daily WODs — 12 March 2013



Anderson Squats, 6x3reps
Then, AMRAP @ 80% of 3RM

Sumo Deficit Deadlift, 5x5reps

Banded Back Extensions, 50reps

Plank Hold, 2:00on 1:00off x2


10 Min AMRAP
30 DU’s
15 Squats w/Elevation
15 HR Push Ups

After a successful 13.1, it’s time to get back on the wagon with my HD&CC and Outlaw Training – I made the conscious decision to forgo my normal Outlaw training in spite of the snatch-heavy Open WOD. But one of the things I promised myself – whether I qualified for Regionals or not – was that I wasn’t going to neglect my normal training in order to do better at the Open.

I refuse to skip strength days and continue getting stronger because either one of two things would happen: either I wouldn’t qualify for and lose out on 5 weeks of strength training, or qualify for regionals – a notoriously heavy competition – and get embarrassed. 5 weeks is a long time to alter one’s training – and definitely not beneficial in the long run.

The last thing anyone competitor wants to do is change up their routine on game day. Game day isn’t the time to try something new – whether it’s a new technique or diet or strategy – you have rely on whatever you’ve done that’s gotten you to that point.

So with all that being said, Anderson squats were on tap for today. For those of you that don’t know what an Anderson squat is, you’ve all done them before. Essentially you set the safeties to shoulder height of the bottom of your squat, load the bar up on the safeties, and crawl underneath it and squat it up. Basically, if you’ve ever failed a rep squatting and them take some weight off and squat it up from the rack, congratulations you’ve just done an Anderson squat.

The thing that makes Anderson squats so difficult is the concept of starting from zero momentum from the bottom of your squat position. It’s the same reason that first deadlift is seems so much heavier than the touch-and-go reps that follow. And when squatting, you never really get that sensation because you always have some sort of momentum coming out of the bottom.

I was searching for a new 3RM today, but it would be better to think of it as 3 consecutive singles. Because between each rep, I lowered the bar, came to a complete stop on the rack, reset my feet and back, then squatted the weight up. So each rep started with no momentum aka even ‘light’ weight felt heavy from the get go. But I strapped on my big boy pants and worked my way up to 275# – which I failed. Shit. But it wasn’t due to a lack a strength, rather because I wasn’t able to reset in a comfortable position. So rather than try that weight again. I decided to go up 10# and try again – which I was successful. Definitely not the prettiest reps I’ve ever done, but I got the weight up and called it a day.

The WOD was painfully simple. Double unders, squats with elevation, and HR push ups don’t really pose a challenge for me, so I knew it was going to come down to lung capacity – how hard could I push myself before I pass out/throw up. The only catch for today’s workout – and it was a good one for us – was you didn’t have to do strict push ups, meaning your hips didn’t have to be off the floor before you pushed. And the reason for that is because Tim believes if push ups show up in the Open, this would be the standard – there’s too much grey area if your asking an athlete to lift their hips up prior to pushing.

It was a good addition to the WOD. It gave everyone the opportunity to keep moving and not get hung up on the push ups – which if done ‘real deal’ people would’ve been stuck in the mud. I felt like I pushed it pretty hard throughout, and the 10 minutes melted off the clock quicker than I thought.

I definitely wouldn’t be surprised if a workout similar to this showed up in the Open this week.


Anderson Squats 3RM – 285#
AMRAP at 80% of 3RM – 225# – 7 Reps
Deficit Sumo Deadlifts (standing on 45# plates) 5RM – 345#

WOD – 8 2/3 + 2


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  1. pretty sure you got 7 + rounds killer

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