Daily WODs — 01 April 2013
130401J Dubbs

Open WOD 13.4
3 Cleans 135/95
3 Toes To Bar
6 Cleans
6 Toes To Bar
9 Cleans
9 Toes To Bar …

It is extremely rare that I leave a workout angry – I left Thursday’s workout pissed.

Thursday was the first day I took a crack at 13.4, with the intention of redoing the workout sometime on Saturday. I knew this beforehand, so maybe that played a role in my less-than-stellar performance in round 1. I felt lethargic and unfocused leading up to the WOD – not my normal pre-WOD-hype self. I needed a big ‘ol dose of ‘get your mind right’ sprinkled with an even bigger helping of ‘figure it out’.

So by the time the buzzer rang to start the WOD I knew it would be a disaster. I under performed by my standards – switched to singles way to early and was anything but quick back to the bar. But here was the surprising part, I knew this was going to happen and yet I was still infuriated with myself. I remember walking out of the rink wanting to scream ‘what the fuck were you doing?!’ I honestly can’t remember the last time (if ever) I felt like that after a workout. So I did what any normal person would do in that situation and went upstairs to blow out some heavy leg squats until I felt like my legs were going to fall off.

The good news was I knew I had a chance to redo it and (hopefully) better my score.

After spending Thursday disassembling the rig and moving it behind rink 1, I had the pleasure of doing the same thing Saturday morning but instead of moving the rig behind the rink, we moved it outside across the street to the parking lot. Exactly how I wanted to spend my Saturday morning! As much as I hate moving the rig anywhere – especially outside – I do love working out outside. Not sure why, but there’s something about being outside in the open air with the sun shining that I love when working out.

B3 Clean

I went into round 2 with two goals – 1. Get at least 90 reps which means finishing the set of 15s and 2. Try to stick with doing sets of 3 reps as long as possible and avoid switching to singles to early. The workout progressed pretty similar to my first attempt through the first couple of rounds – control aggression is how I would describe it – I knew going out of the gates to fast is an early death sentence in a WOD like this. The difference was by the time I hit my round of 12s I refused to give in an immediately fall back on singles. I took those extra couple seconds rest between sets and powered through 3 reps at a time. It wasn’t until my round of 15s that I was reduced to doing singles on my clean&jerk, but I did my best to make sure I was quick to get my hands on the bar after every rep.

By the time the final barbell dropped – or in my case toe touched the bar – I had improved my score 14 reps finishing just shy of my goal of 90 reps. Man I would have loved those extra 5 reps to get my to 90 (yes I’m greedy shut up) but I wasn’t disappointed. I felt like I left it all out there. And at the end of the day that’s really all you can ask for.

Four down one to go!


Open WOD 13.4 – 85 Reps


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