Daily WODs — 04 March 2013



Max effort deadlift, 8×3 reps
Then, take 80% and do as many reps as possible in 1 set

Banded good mornings, 50 reps

Reverse hyper, 3x 12 reps @ 50% of 1RM back squat


Regional WOD 12.4
22 Min Max to complete:
50 Back Squats from the floor 135/95
40 Pull-Ups
30 Shoulder to OH
50 Front Squats 85/65
40 Pull-Ups
30 Shoulder to OH
50 OH Squats 65/45
40 Pull-Ups
30 Shoulder to OH

Spring Break

Programming the next five weeks should prove to be pretty tricky. We’re on the eve of the Open – so the challenge becomes how to program for the week (WODs + strength) and at the same time not overdue it for the Open WODs.

Right off the bat, our box has designated Friday and Sunday as the two days we’ll tackle the Open WODs – so at least I have some sort of framework to start with. Tim wants to hit moderate to heavy high volume days Monday and Tuesday, save strength for Wednesday (for the normal class), and use Thursday as a skill day for whatever the Open entails.

So I decided I’ll do the same – for the most part. I’m still going to do my HD&CC strength programming on Monday and Tuesday, and kind of play my Outlaw training by ear depending on that particular Open WOD.

Today called for some heavy deads – my favorite. Not because I’m particularly good at them, but I feel like there is something so raw and unforgiving about them. Load the bar up with as much weight as possible and pick that shit up. As simple as that. Deadlifts don’t allow for any sort of excuses – oh you couldn’t lift that bar up – tough shit you’re not strong enough. And I love them for it.

So on the menu for today were heavy sets of 3 working up to the heaviest weight possible. I ended up climbing the ladder probably a little bit to slowly, and instead should’ve jumped up the weight a little bit faster. I worked my way up to 405# for a triple, which used to be my 1RM a couple months ago, so my numbers are going in the right direction.

Lotta Squats

It really doesn’t get more high volume than a WOD like this. Let’s look at the sheer numbers: 150 squats, 120 pull ups, and 90 shoulder to overhead. Terrific. I don’t need to walk the next 3 days anyway. Lets do this!

My shoulder still isn’t 100% and with the Open right around the corner I figured it best to rest it a little longer. So rather than putting it through the ringer via the pull up bar, I decided to stick to ring rows (side note: anyone who scoffs at the thought of doing ring rows or would rather use a band so thick it slingshots them through the roof needs to figure it out – ring rows are AWFUL and I wish more people did them once in a while to work on their pulling strength rather than only sticking to a band.)

Personally, I think the ring rows actually slowed me down a touch. For whatever reason they destroy me. Maybe I’ve become so efficient at the skill of the kip that my raw pulling strength is lacking – who knows? But I know I’m able to move faster and more consistently through reps on pulls ups than ring rows. How’s that for a scale down?

So other than the ring rows, I felt like I was able to maintain a pretty good pace throughout the WOD. I couldn’t believe how well the shoulder to overhead felt, especially at 135# – I think I powered through them in around 2 sets. Unfortunately, the 22-minute cap was pretty aggressive, and considering how often I was forced to rest on ring rows, time expired just before I could squeeze out that last set of push presses.

Oh well, there’s always next time. By next time I’ll be back on the bar and finishing well before time expires.


Max Effort Deadlift 3RM – 405#
AMRAP at 80% of 3RM – 325# – 9 Reps

WOD – 333 Reps


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