Daily WODs — 18 February 2013



Max Effort Sumo Deadlift, 6×3 reps
Then, take 80% of 3RM and perform as many reps as possible 1x

For time:
1000m row
Rest 4:00
Tabata Dumbbell Front Squat, 45# DB’s

Reverse Hypers, 3×8 reps @ 50% of 1RM BS


Challenge of the Week!

Training (Chipper Style) 20 Min Max
100 Burpees
75 KBS 55/35
50 Box Jumps 24/20

BurdickI kind of had another breakthrough of sorts with deadlifts – in this case sumo deadlifts. I don’t always practice what I preach. Whenever I teach deadlifts to our newbies, I always stress the importance of getting organized before even bending over to each for the bar – a la mobilitywod and Kelly Starrett. Well, truth be told I don’t always do that…ok I never do that. I usually grab the barbell with as shitty posture as humanly possible, and pull myself into tension from the bottom – until now.

Every elite powerlifter on the planet setups nearly identical – the prioritize stabilizing the spine before loading the big movers. The idea of lifting the barbell doesn’t even cross their mind until maximum tension is achieved and all the slack leaves the system. Well I’m just starting to understand – and more importantly – feel the difference when picking up the barbell after becoming organized.

It’s not so much that I feel stronger, but I feel as if I’m able to maintain better posture throughout the lift. Today, I was able to hit a weight that I missed twice only two weeks prior, and I attribute that to a better starting position.

The challenge of the week comes in the form of max unbroken double unders. I consider doubles unders a strong strength of mine – something I look forward to mid-wod almost as a time to rest. However, single max effort tries aren’t necessarily my strong suit. I’m better equipped for those pesky mid-to-high rep sets found during a workout when you’re already fatigued – that’s my specialty. But, it’s always something fun to test without being too miserable.

Any WOD that begins with 100 burpees you know is going to be a battle. It’s more a mental challenge than anything else. I know personally I hate any workout where any movement is done at extremely high reps at a time. Take ‘Angie’ for example – 100 reps of pull ups, push ups, sit ups, and squats performed chipper style. I would much rather do 10 rounds of 10 pull ups, push ups, sit ups, and squats – even thought it’s the same amount of reps, mentally it’s much easier to tackle.


Thankfully, I had Kim D (aka Lil Kim) to keep me motivated throughout. She beat me through burpees and kettlebells – damn her short range of motion (literally the only time I get to say that) – but I was able to make up ground on probably my biggest strength in CF: box jumps. Also, I know her calves were pretty raw from the past week, so that might have skewed the score slightly in my favor as well. Either way, it was great push and kept me motivated through the increasingly difficult rep scheme.


Sumo Deadlift – 385#
1000m Row – 3.33.4
Tabata Front Squats w/ 45# DB – 8 Reps

WOD – 11:03


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