Daily WODs — 14 February 2013



1) Snatch: 3X1 @ 80%, 2X1 @ 85%, 2X1 @ 90%, 5X1 @ 80% – rest 60-90 sec. between each rep through sets of 90%, then 30 sec. between each rep at 80%
2) Clean & Jerk: 3X1 @ 80%, 2X1 @ 85%, 2X1 @ 90%, 5X1 @ 80% – rest 60-90 sec. between each rep through sets of 90%, then 30 sec. between each rep at 80%


Partner WOD Rx 45/30
200 DU’s must alternate every mistake
100 DB Back Extension (Shoulders below Hips)
50 Turkish Get-Ups
50 OH Lunges
100 S-L DB Deadlifts
200 2 CT Grasshoppers

Because I (finally) hit a new PR in my snatch last week, all the percentage work normally done on Thursday has been elevated to the next level – aka I had to work my way up to two sets of 180# done 90sec apart. Considering 185# was my max a week ago, I would say that’s pretty aggressive, but I was optimistic.

Snatch is one of those lift either you got it or you don’t depending on the day. Some days it feels as smooth as silk and other days it feels about as smooth as wiping your ass with sandpaper. Today was a smooth day – thankfully. So I worked my way up to 180# and hit it both times which is a pretty big accomplishment for me – not because I hit the weight, but from a confidence standpoint. Knowing I can throw 180# over my head with a short rest period between reps. 225# is next up on the goal board.

Valentine’s Day from a relationship standpoint didn’t exactly go my way (see: UPS losing my flowers). But thankfully I got to do the partner WOD with Mae, so at least I had that going for me. Robyn and Tim set the time to beat earlier in the day with a score of 22:22 – as the true power couple of the gym we had that time in our sights.

Me and Mae

Going into the WOD, I knew Mae was going to struggle with the 30# Turkish getups, but as long as we moved our ass during the rest of the movements (especially the grasshoppers) I knew we would have a great shot at the top spot. We breezed through the double unders and DB back exxtensions – although the back extensions were much harder than anticipated, it was one of those movements where you just had to grit your teeth and push through it.

Turks went as expected. I had to carry the load, which I didn’t really mind because I knew Mae would make up for it on grasshoppers – which is exactly what happened. I figured going into the WOD we would have to leave ourselves at least 5 minutes for grasshoppers if we wanted any shot of beating Tim and Robyn. We got to grasshoppers with about 4:30 to spare.

Mae was great. She opened the set with 25 grasshoppers right off the bat, and kept that pace up for a while. But it was really towards the end when she picked the team up and rifled through to the finish squeaking out an 11 second victory.

With everything that had happened over the course of the day, there was no better way to end it.


WOD – 22:11


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