Daily WODs — 07 February 2013



Establish a new 1RM Snatch


Simple enough.

My previous PR was 185# so the goal for today was to finally break through that plateau and hit the mystical 200# mark. If you’ve been keeping up with my blog, or at least checking out the Daily WODs sections, you’d know I switched to an Outlaw strength program a few weeks back – which places a heavy emphasis on Olympic lifting. So today would be great test of the program, and how far I’ve come over the past 4 weeks.

So after loading up my cart and making my way down to the rink, I started progressing my way up towards a max effort try. I was able to make jumps in weight pretty consistently and smoothly until I arrived at my previous PR of 185#. I hit it my first attempt no problem! But this is where the weight started to feel heavy.

I hit 190# my first time as well (1 PR under my belt), but 195# took some time. I was able to get the weight over my head but unable to land in that ‘sweet spot,’ and kept missing it forwards or backwards. Eventually, on my 3rd try I successfully hit it and loaded the bar up with 200#.

At this point, I pulled out my camera and hired one of the figure skaters to be my personal cameraman. The first attempt flew over my head. Missed it forwards. The beautiful thing was now I had the video to refer back to analyze – and the only thing I saw was me being a little bitch. The weight was over my head, locked out, I was just a little soft and the bar came forward. Huge confidence boost though because I knew, from the video, I was able to get it over my head in a good position. I tried again, and again I failed.

On my third attempt though, something amazingly disgusting happened – something that I’ve only ever done once before while snatching. I finished my pull, the bar flew overhead, I received the weight a tiny bit forward, and dropped to one knee to compensate! At this point the bar was fully locked out overhead, and I had found my center of balance. So I proceeded to do what any rational person would do in that position and do a single leg lunge with 200# overhead and stand it up. All time grossest snatch I’ve ever done, and would be an immediate ‘no lift’ in the Olympics, but thankfully this is CrossFit and not the Olympics aka count it!

200# snatch

Snatch is one of those lifts that needs to be meticulously practiced if you ever want to feel familiar/comfortable with it. It’s not like riding a bike. Don’t expect to show up on game day, not having relentlessly practiced you’re oly lifts, and expect for them to feel as smooth as butter. The barbell needs to feel as if it is an extension of your own body if you ever want to be sucessful, and that can only be achieved through – you guessed it – practice.



1RM Snatch – 200# (15# PR)


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