Daily WODs — 05 February 2013



Bench Press w/ KBs Suspended From Bar, 2×12 Reps and 1x Max Reps
Bar Dips, 3x Max Reps… reach failure then have band assist you for an overload effect
Band Pull-Aparts w/ Thumbs Up, 100 reps (pick a challenging band)
Dumbbell Hang Muscle Clean + 1/4 press, 2×20 reps


Test Day
3 Rounds 1st 2 rounds 40/20, 3rd round as long as possible
Max BW Hold Hanging from Bar (under :20 use a band)
Score today is how long you hold for in the 3rd round if you finished first 2

Training (No Score Today)
3 Rounds of 40 Sec work and 20 sec to rotate/change weight
#1 Spot Bench Press
#2 Bench Press w/KB’s
#3 Spot Front Squat
#4 Front Squat
#5 Med Ball Hip Touches
#6 Row
**Choose a weight that is close to impossible for you to continue reps for the entire 40 sec

Bench press with band-suspended kettlebells is… different – to say the least. It’s like going to see an old friend you haven’t seen in years and finding out they’ve had a sex change – kind of a shocker. Same with KB bench press, it’s the same movement, all the same principles apply, it’s just different.

And I think a lot of our clients would agree! It’s almost laughable the first time they unrack the bar and feel the weight try and sway them every which way. The spotter has never played as crucial a role as when we do KB bench. Personally, I have a little more experience with KB bench, not just from a strength exercise standpoint, but I use to do it often as a shoulder rehab movement. The constant swaying of the bells forces the small musculature of the shoulders to aid in stabilization, and helps in the recovery process.

BW hold

The wod – well at least the scored portion of the wod – really honed in on one of my glaring weaknesses: grip strength. I’ve known about this, I’ve mentioned it in previous posts, and I know it’s something I need to make a priority and get better at. Just for example, I know personally the reason I end up failing pull ups – having to drop from the bar or quit butterfly’s in favor of kipping – isn’t because of my lat strength or anything like that, but my grip gives out. Obviously that’s HUGE!

So, just doing static holds from the bar I know is a great way to improve grip strength. The first two rounds were harder than expected – I think Tim tried to sike me out by convincing me they were a joke. 40 seconds is a long time man!

I went into the test without knowing MKs score for the day. All I knew was that he had the best time, and the previous best was 1:49. So I had to get higher than that. I kept my eyes closed at first trying to relax and not focus on the burn slowly starting to creep in (although I was dreading opening my eyes in fear that I thought I was hanging for like a minute only to look up and see 20 seconds elapsed). I switched my grip midway through, which I can’t say definitely helped or hurt me, and by the end tried pulling myself up a bit so some of my body weight could be taken into my biceps and off my foremans. Surprisingly that bought me a couple seconds before my grip gave out and I fell off the bar.

It’s amazing how quickly your grip disappears. One second you can feel like a rock – super glued to the bar – and ten seconds later be fighting for every second. I ended up edging out MK by one second on the day! However, I was upstaged by Loren who held on for a ridiculous 2:07!! Either way, definitely got stronger today attacking one of my goats.


KB Bench Press – 55# KBs/9 Reps in Final Set
Max BW Hold – 1:58


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