Daily WODs — 04 February 2013


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Safety Squat Bar Back Squat, 3×12 reps (around 40-50% of 1RM) on 3:00 send-off
Romanian Deadlifts, 3×12 reps on 3:00 send-off
Double British KB swings, 1:00 on/ 1:00 off for 3 Intervals
Weighted Back Extensions, 5×8 reps w/ 10# DB Under Chin


2 Rounds for Total REPS
2 Min Burpees, 2 Min Rest
2 Min 10 Yard Shuttle (1 Hand Must touch outside the 10 yards), 2 Min Rest
2 Min C2B Pull-Ups, 2 Min Rest

I always look forward to safety squat bar days – it’s a movement I feel really comfortable with. I can actually move more weight with the SSB than a straight bar on max effort days (probably due to my little girl hamstrings), which really shouldn’t be the case. In all seriousness, my quads are definitely disproportionally stronger than my hambones – it’s the reason I’ve been hammering away at low-bar back squats recently.

But enough about that, the real strength session started when Kim and I picked up the two 45# kettlebells. Last time I did this I wrote ‘awful’ next to it, but didn’t truly remember how bad it was…I found out soon enough. After hammering our hamstrings through RDLs, getting the kettlebell even to eye level was a serious battle. The pattern was the same every round for both of us, we would pick up the kettlebell and do a max unbroken set, 10-12 reps which would eat up about 25 seconds, then put the weight down. Problem was, once you picked that weight back up it felt like it was 20 pounds heavier! We could only do maybe 5 reps at a time from then till the buzzer, by the end the bells were barely reaching our waist! Each round ended with either of us collapsing on the floor in sweat dilled agony.


I kinda looked at this WOD as two workouts rolled into one – with the burpees and shuttle run providing your daily engine check and pull ups rounding out the strength portion. So if you look at it from that perspective, after the shuttle run you have 2 min rest, then pull ups which aren’t very cardiovascu demanding, then another 2 min rest – almost 6 full minutes rest from a CRE standpoint! AKA there was no excuse to not completely empty the tank on the burpees and shuttle runs. That being said…definitely should’ve pushed it a little harder on the shuttle runs. Oh well.


Safety Squat Bar Back Squats – 240#
Romainian Deadlifts – 175#
Double KBS – 45# Each

Training – 183 Reps with Strict C2B Pull Ups


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