Daily WODs — 31 January 2013



BB Gymnastics
1) Snatch: 3X1@85%, 2X1@90%, 2X1@95%, 2X1@90%, 3X1@85% – rest 30-60 seconds.
2) Clean & Jerk: 3X1@80%, 2X1@85%, 2X1@90%, 2X1@85%, 3X1@80% – rest 30-60 seconds.


2011 CF Regional WOD #3
21-15-9 of:
Deadlift 315/205
Box Jumps 30/24

I literally got almost zero warm up before my weekly dose of Outlaw – I was held up in a meat meeting (long story). So I did about 20 double unders, banged out some sumo-strippers and picked up the barbell – go time! Funny thing is, today was my best snatch day! I actually hit all my lifts – 24 for 24. First time that’s happened. Bottom line: warming up = overrated.

Whenever I see heavy deadlifts in a workout the first thing I think of is this – I’m jerking my back up, what do you want from me!!? Last time I did this workout was a little over a year and half ago – right after Tim, Robyn, Mae, and I got back from watching the 2011 Regionals. I can still remember watching the jaw-dropping performance put on by Austin Malleolo during this event.

Today would be the first time I attempted to Rx this WOD (the last time I used 250# for the deads). A 315# deadlift used to be really heavy for me until recently. Granted doing 45 reps at 315 is no joke, I’m not intimidated by the weight the way I used to be. Actually going into this WOD I was more concerned about the box jumps – what a switch! Bounding to the 30in box has always given me problems, but a little pre-WOD practice seemed to sort that all out.

Austin Mae

Boy was this one workout I wish I could drop weight! Having to control/consciously place the weight down after every rep – especially with 45 reps – definitely challenges the midline and taxes the posterior chain. I felt good through my first set of 21 deadlifts – I did 12 reps in a row to start, but actually think I could’ve done all 21 in a row if I was able to speed up the eccentric motion. Regardless, it was the box jumps that actually slowed me down. Usually my strength, the whole ‘pre-WOD bounding practice’ kinda went out the window halfway through round 1. But I did my best to battle my way through the reps and finish slightly slower than my time from a year and half ago…plus 65 pounds heavier. Still slightly slower than Austin’s world record of 2:56.


Deadlift-Box Jump – 8:37


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