Daily WODs — 30 January 2013



For Time Reps Of:
Power Clean 185#
**10 Bar Facing Burpees After Each Round

There seems to be a trend developing. No longer are Wednesdays reserved solely for practicing high skill gymnastics movements, they’re transitioning into heavy – and by ‘heavy’ I mean heavy ass weight – met-con days… and I like it.

Because of the situation at our current gym – aka the no dropping weight rule aka the bane of my existence – our programming for the general member tends to be skewed towards the lighter/gymnastic WODs. So Wednesdays give me an opportunity to be a little creative, make up my own WOD, and make it as heavy as I damn please.

Cleans at 185# is decently heavy weight for me, but it’s a weight I know I can make every time without running the risk of dropping it. This workout was much spicier than anticipated. By the fourth round, I was forced to step back, one foot at a time, during my burpees – something I never do. Granted I was still feeling the onslaught my legs had gone through two days prior. Every jump over the bar felt like a max effort box jump. The cleans on the other hand felt pretty tight and smooth.

But the best part of all – I don’t fear 185# the way I used to. Progress.


Hard Work… aka I messed up setting up the clock…


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