Daily WODs — 24 January 2013


WODTabata Row

Tabata Double Unders
**Score is Lowest # of Reps Completed
Tabata Row for Calories
**Score is Total # of Calories

Garage Games in t-minus two days!

I decided to forgo my usual Outlaw Strength training in favor of saving my legs for the competition over the weekend – nothing sucks more than having tired legs when its game time – trust me I know from experience. And considering Outlaw seems to specialize in crushing your legs at every given opportunity, it seemed like a smart idea to back off.

Back to your regularly scheduled programming next week.

As for today, tabata double unders and row were on tap. Whenever I even hear the word ‘tabata’ the first thing that comes to mind is the burn. I can almost feel it now. The sick part is it doesn’t matter what movement it is: push ups, squats, row, double unders – you name it. That same burn always follows. It’s muscular endurance/ lactic acid threshold training at its finest! Short and sweet, but super effective.

The current gym record for tabata doubles rests at 33 reps. So naturally, I went for 34 reps. Breathing and the acidy burn were all manageable – those are the factors that prevented me from eventually getting the record. By round 7, it’s almost like I lose all motor control in my left are. I think, during doubles, my right arm does the majority of the work. So by time I really get into the thick of it, my left arm fatigues to the points it’s almost difficult to spin the rope.

I maintained 34 reps through 6 rounds, but had a costly mistake in the 7th round. And by that point, if you make a mistake it’s game over – so when I tried to speed up my doubles to make up for the mistake, my shoulders were completely fried. I ended up with a lowly 21 reps through 8 rounds.

Group Row

Moving on to tabata row. There really isn’t much to say – it’s miserable. Everything hurt. My legs – particularly my ass and hamstrings, my lungs, my ego. Rowing is not the little man’s sport, but I battled through it as best I could. Rowing intervals is something I definitely want to throw into my training into more often.


Tabata Doubles – 21 Reps
Tabata Row – 69 Calorie


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