Daily WODs — 23 January 2013



7 Min Ladder
Hang Power Clean 185#
Box Jump 30”
1-1, 2-2, 3-3…

Today’s workout varied slightly from your normally scheduled programming at Maxability which consisted of: 4RFT 15yd OH Lunge 45# – 15 HSPU – 15yd OH Lunge – 15 SDHP 95#. Ok I lied it was completely different.

Why the drastic change? The reason is actually two-fold. First, if you recall Monday’s strength program it provided one of the biggest ass-busting mini-WODs in history: tabata jumping lunges with DBs. So to be honest, my ass was killing me and I didn’t feel like compounding the problem by doing even more lunges on top of it – aka I wanted to be able to comfortably sit in a chair sometime this month.

Second, rarely do we ever program heavy lifts into our met-cons. So I used this opportunity to program somewhat heavy power cleans into a WOD – something I need to get more comfortable doing.

I love the combination of doing heavy cleans and high box jumps. Each movement does a beautiful job of fatiguing the other. It’s pretty difficult to really ‘jump’ any significant weight up after doing high box jumps. I love WODs that are cleverly put together like that – they’re the WODs that you never expect to be as bad as they are when you look at them on paper. Until you actually start the WOD and one movement snowballs into the next, by the end leaving you wondering what the hell just happened?

The WOD was miserable as expected. However, I kind of had a revelation around my round of 4s when I realized I could maintain the hook grip throughout all the clean reps. This helped me tremendously at cycling through my reps at a faster pace, and actually didn’t fatigue me any more than what I was previously doing.

Time slipped away a little faster than I expected – probably because I rested a little more than I should have. This is one of those WODs that I would have significantly benefited from having the ability to drop weight in the gym, I think. Either way it got the job done. I broke a late night sweat, and got a little more comfortable moving heavier loads.


WOD – 7 ½ Rounds


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