Daily WODs — 22 January 2013


Strength1/22 Board

Max effort 3-board bench press, 5×3 rep + 1 pair of chains
Barbell rollbacks, 5×4 reps w/ :03 negative
DB Bench AHAP, 2×20


War Frank
3 Rounds For Time
25 Muscle Ups
100 Air Squats
35 GHD Situps

Another early morning strength session.

I’m not going to lie, I was pretty beat this morning. I had one of those night’s sleep where it felt like the moment my head hit the pillow the alarm was ringing for me to wake up – it was far from a refreshing night’s sleep. So like the zombie I was, I half-assed my way through warm up and wanted nothing more than to get going so I could go home and take my nap.

Today could be classified as a titty-explosive sort of strength day – boarded bench press, barbell rollbacks aka skull crushers with a twist, DB bench – all movements that would test my pesky shoulder issue. Hence, skimping on the warm up probably wasn’t the smartest idea. I never felt strong during any of my reps, even as I went up in weight and started to warm up. Every rep I could feel my shoulder straining – not in a bad way, I just felt it every rep. So I wasn’t particularly thrilled with the outcome, but not every day is a PR day right?

However, the next two parts of the strength session I loved. I seem to be developing an addiction to that heavy acidy burn you feel when squeezing out the last few reps on a high rep movement – DB bench is the perfect example. We did 2 sets of 20 reps as heavy as possible. I used 60# DBs and those last 5 reps of both sets were nothing less than torturous. But afterwards, it’s the best feeling in the world. You just feel so…swoll. Everyone has a little meathead buried somewhere in their heart I guess.

 War Frank

Moving on to the WOD. War Frank was on the menu today and – thankfully – we had a few options on how to tackle it. The prescribed workout is 3RFT 25 muscle ups, 100 air squats, and 35 GHD situps. (As if my morning strength session wasn’t going to be a big enough test for my shoulder – why not just completely put it through the ringer with 75 muscle ups.) There was also an advanced option available, which consisted of the same amount of work as the Rx version, just with an altered rep scheme – 15RFT 5 muscle ups, 20 sir squats, 7 GHD situps.

I chose the advanced version. Not because I was unable to do any part of the Rx version, but I knew the muscle ups would eventually take their toll on me and I would be forced to just stand around and wait to recharge before attempted another rep. So I went for the WOD where I would be able to keep my intensity level up for a longer period of time and not get bogged down by the otherwise high rep scheme.

Now the only question is how is my shoulder going to feel tomorrow…


3-Board Bench Press – 235# w/o chain weight
Barbell Rollbacks – 75#
DB Bench Press – 60#
WOD – 29:28 ADV


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