Daily WODs — 21 January 2013


Strength1/21 Board

Max effort safety squat bar box squat, 7×1 rep + 1 pair of chains
Speed deads from knees, 8×3 reps @ 45% + bands
Tabata jumping lunges for total # of reps + 30# DBs


Burpee Box Jump Up-and-Overs


Max effort safety squat bar box squats. Whew, that’s a mouth full!

It’s been a minute since I’ve squatted to a box, but I do miss it. It’s definitely a completely different type of stimulus – a different feel than a normal squat. You feel muscles you didn’t even no existed getting pushed to the brink as you make your way off the box.

The reason it’s been so long since the last time I’ve done a box squat is because I was (slightly) disappointed with my max raw back squat a few weeks back. During my previous 16-week strength program I felt like I had put in a TON of legwork only to be rewarded with a 10# PR on game day. And don’t get me wrong, I was happy with any type of PR, but considering the amount of work I put in I felt like I deserved more.

Meat Head Problems

So I decided to shy away from box squats in favor of a more traditional squat in the hopes that it would transfer over to my raw score. (Well see how that goes in a few weeks). But as for today, my legs felt strong – maybe a little too strong than what I was expecting. I upped the weight way too slow, in lieu of my previous PR, and it probably tooka few pounds off my new PR in the end. But maybe that’s a good thing considering I blew my old PR out of the water!

After the max effort squats we moved on to speed deadlifts from the knees out of our brand new Rogue R6 Power Rack. Rack pulls are actually the number 1 movement I’ve been looking forward to do out of the new rack, considering how difficult it was to do them before – this rack is pretty much built for them. We moved through the 8 sets of 3 at a you-go, I-go pace with some pretty heavy tension at the top. So much smoother than what I was used to.

Finally, the tabata jumping lunges and burpee box jumps. A counting crisis! Losing count or being unsure of what round/rep I’m currently on rarely happens to me – today it happened twice! The jumping lunges got confusing because of the issue of where does the rep start and end – do I count the rep as my hips open or when my knee hits the ground? Does the initial lunge to get into position count as one? What if I don’t stand up at the end but touch my knee? I don’t know and I couldn’t care less. It doesn’t really matter. I try to tell this to all my little newbies. At the end of the day, what matters is you worked your ass off. Am I fitter from doing those jumping lunges? Hell yes! So what’s the issue?

Alli Mo

The same could be said about the burpees – the only issue here is that I had a dedicated judge/counter. I finished with more reps than I should’ve (I think), especially since I finished ahead of Kim when he seemed to be ahead of me from the start. Either way, I didn’t help the situation by not counting in my head myself – which is a bad habit and a pattern I fall into whenever I have someone counting my reps. So I won’t throw my counter completely under the bus, it’s partially my fault too.



Max Effort Safety Squat Bar Box Squat + 1 pair of chains: 315# w/o chain weight (35# PR)
Tabata Jumping Lunges: 91ish reps
Bupee Box Jumps Up and Over: 101ish reps


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