Daily WODs — 15 January 2013

StrengthBoard 1/15
Max effort sumo stance deadlift, 5×3 reps + 2 pairs of chain
Concentric good mornings, 3×3 reps
Sled drag with ankle straps, 6x20m w/ 90#

EMOM For 10 Min
3 Deadlifts 185#
3 Hang Power Cleans
3 Front Squats

Today marked the first day I did an early morning workout in about 4 years. The last time I even attempted an early morning WOD was probably my sophomore year in college and I had to quit about halfway through in fear of me throwing up in the middle of the gym – I actually remember the name of the WOD “Air Force” – awful.

Thankfully this morning was a strength workout rather than your more traditional CrossFit-y WOD. The meat and potatoes for today: working up to a heavy set of three of sumo deadlift with 2 chains draped over the center. There’s something about sumo deadlifts that I love – maybe it’s because they get so miserable so quickly or because my last rep always make my knees shake like I’m freezing in the cold. Either way, they’re definitely one of my favorite lifts.

Next up, two rounds of a 20 meter dead man walking sled pull. No bueno. Probably one of the more miserable things I’ve done in a while. Dead man walking? Basically, you walk stiff legged with your body limp, hunched over in front of you swaying side to side. The burn in my hamstrings and upper butt was so intense I was forced to stop every few meters – think: tabata squats – same type of burn.


The normally scheduled WOD at Maxability consisted of shoulders on top of more shoulders topped with some shoulders. And since I’m still nursing my aggravated shoulder, I decided to try something a little different. I did a play on a WOD Spealler told us about at the cert – EMOM for 10min 3 deadlifts – 3 HPC – 3- ront squats all at 185#.

Spealler also said, after he finished the 9th round of his slightly different WOD (replace front squats with push jerks), he collapsed to the floor without even attempting the next round. And I have to say, I understand why!

By the 4th round I was already questioning if I made a mistake with that weight, by the 6th round I was on my hands and knees between rounds. Time kept moving faster and faster and by the end every time I looked at the clock my rest time seemed almost non-existent. By the end, I was just glad I had stuck with that weight and battled through it.

Bottom line: I need to go heavier in met cons. Even if that means scaling reps, I need to challenge myself with heavier loads.

Strength: 355# w/o chain weight (20# PR)
Training: 9 Rounds completed


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