Daily WODs — 10 January 2013


StrengthBoard 1/10

1) Snatch: 3X1@80%, 1X1@85%, 1X1@90%, 1X1@95%, 3X1@90%, 2X1@85% – rest 30-60 seconds.
2) Clean & Jerk: 3X1@75%, 1X1@80%, 1X1@ 85%, 1X1@90%, 3X1@85%, 2X1@80% – rest 30-60 seconds.



For Time:
800M Run
90 Double Unders
30 Thruster 65/45
1 Mile Bike
90 Double Unders
30 Thrusters


Today marked the first day of our newly instituted Outlaw training program – I still plan on sticking with my conventional powerlifting 2x per week (Monday and Tuesday) and all the accessory work that goes along with it, but believe that a healthy dose of Olympic lifting multiple times per week will only benefit me in the long run.

If you’re unfamiliar with Outlaw or the Outlaw training principles, they can be found here. In short, the program utilizes a modified Westside system (see: powerlifting) based on the specific needs of a CF athlete.

Day 1 of our new strength program called for heavy snatches and cleans. One rep would be performed every minute on the minute, at the set percentages, until we hit a snatch at 95% of our 1RM – then performed a snatch every 30 seconds as we waved the weight back down. The same pattern applied to the clean portion of the workout as well.

Overall, for the first day, everything ran pretty smoothly – maybe next time I might up the time between sets to allow for a smoother transition between weights. I hit all my lifts except one snatch at 165#, but other than that everything felt pretty crisp – even my jerks which is a surprise.


As for the WOD, I felt pretty good – like I was pushing it throughout. I didn’t get lulled into a dead man’s pace during the run which tends to be a problem for me. Thankfully it was at the start of the WOD when I was still fresh. The thrusters at 65# were sneakily rough. When I see thrusters at 65# written on the board, I automatically assume I will cruise through them. And if there is one take away I wasn’t pleased with from the WOD, it’s that I should’ve pushed it a little harder on my last set of thrusters – at least for 2 sets of 15 rather than breaking it up into 10’s. Other than that, I was pretty pleased with the WOD.


Training: 12:37 (same as M.Kim)


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