Daily WODs — 07 January 2013



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Max Effort 2.25” Deficit Deadlifts, 7×1 + 3 strips of chain
Back Extensions, 3×12 + 10# DB under chin


100 Rep Burpee w/ Lateral Jump (7min Max)

24 Min AMRAP
Row 200m
20 KTE
20 Box Jumps 30/24”
20 Clapping Push Ups

As far as strength days go, they tend to be hit or miss. There are days when you feel like you can lift the entire rack up, and there are days when I get Bambi legs when I hold a PVC pipe over my head. Today wasn’t just a strong day for me…it was a SWELLINGTON day!

Today marked the start of my new (and much improved) 16 week strength cycle. I stuck pretty close to the programming over at Hotdogs and Cupcakes and saw amazing results when I maxed out earlier last week, so it was a no brainer to include that into my programming once again – with a little twist. This time around we decided to add a pinch of Outlaw training into the mix – a little Olympic lifting bias never hurt anyone!

So anyway, my deadlift felt incredible today. Even from the deficit, the weight was just flying off the platform. Definitely could’ve done more weight than where I ‘maxed out’ out, but leaving a little weight on the platform for next time isn’t such a bad thing.


As for the WOD, normally I like to hit my strength session in the AM and met-con in the PM. But because of the new Living Social deal we’re currently running, scheduling has been more than hectic. So we hit up the met-con immediately following the strength workout. So my nutrition was a little pre-WOD. Normally before a long met-con – like today – I like to try to super hydrate and get some sort of dense carb in me (most likely a sweet potato) to fuel me through the WOD. Today I did neither…

Revenge of the cottonmouth! Needless to say, doing neither was a terrible choice! The burpee test left me coughing for a good 10 minutes after I finished, and the cottonmouth on the rower was so severe it was laughable. I never stop mid-WOD for water, but today it was necessity. Nutrition, hydration and sleep are probably the three most crucial components you need to address if you really want to get the most out of your WOD! With everything we put our bodies through, I can’t stress their importance enough!


Max Deficit Deadlift: 365# w/o chain weight
100 Rep Burpee Test: 5:39 (definitely some counting issues…)
Training: 4 ½ + 1


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